Useful Terms for Gambling Newcomers

Gambling is growing in popularity with more countries than ever before making it legal for individuals to experience their favorite games online and at home. For those who have never set foot in a casino, though, some of the specialized gambling terms may be a bit confusing. Here are some of the most commonly used terms in gambling online.

The People Involved

Gambling has several unique terms to describe the roles of individuals engaged in the games. For example, the individual playing can be the player, the punter, or the shooter if there are dice involved in the game. The person who takes the player's money can be called a croupier, a bookmaker, or a bookie. What can be confusing is the individual who actually runs the game is the dealer, even if there are no cards being dealt in the game. Some games can even have an individual banker who represents the house or the casino.

Playing the Games

There are also a variety of different terms for the actions that a player can take in a given game, and though they can seem a bit violent, they are often termed that way in order to lend a sense of intense action. For instance, shooting refers to a single individual rolling a pair of dice. Hitting is when a player gets another card to play with. Busting means a player has gone over the designated value in a given game or has otherwise lost his or her bet. Never should any of these terms insinuate that violent actions are accepted in the casino.

Keeping all of these gambling terms straight will quickly become second nature to individuals as they become more involved with the games.


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